Monday July 6, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto is the biggest pretender in Kenya because he is busy sabotaging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda for the country and playing victim at the same time.

This was revealed by the Wiper Party national Vice Chairman, Victor Swanya Ogeto, who noted thatit was unfortunate that Ruto is crying foul and playing the victim card.

He said that while the President is trying to put together a team to help him execute his agenda, his deputy is pulling in the opposite direction.

Ogeto noted that the President had been quite tolerant and patient when Ruto and his Tanga Tanga MPs were jumping up and down, bragging that they had the numbers.

In fact, Ruto himself claimed he had more than 140 MPs allied to his faction when he wrote protest letters to the Registrar of Political Parties to challenge changes to a Jubilee Party organ

“That was outright defiance of the President and the highest degree of insubordination.”

According to Ogeto, it is such acts forced Uhuru to crack the whip in Parliament to assert his authority and steady his agenda.

He noted that Ruto is very bitter with the President’s handshake with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his working arrangements with other leaders including former Vice President and Wiper Leader, Kalonzo Musyoka.

Ogeto advised Uhuru to let go of Ruto if he wants to govern in peace because the DP has outlived his usefulness.


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