Monday July 13, 2020 – Jubilee Party’s Deputy Secretary General, Caleb Kositany, has written a letter to the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju giving him 7 days to furnish him with crucial financial documents.

In his letter, Kositany, who is also Soy MP, asserted that he wrote on behalf of 100 Members of Parliament and 500 MCAs who were bona fide members of the party.

Kositany accused Tuju of supervising grand corruption at the party’s Pangani Headquarters.

Among documents he sought to be provided with are approved budgets, procurement records, certified bank statements, finance and audit committee reports, tenancy agreement for the Pangani building, schedule of all salaries and wages and the schedule of all pending bills.

“May I get this information within the next seven (7) days of this letter.”

“I believe the seven (7) days’ timeline is achievable owing to the fact that the information sought is within your records.”

Two weeks ago, Kositany, who is a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, claimed that millions were being spent on tea and snacks at the party’s headquarters, claiming that it was part of a scheme to siphon public funds.


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