Wednesday July 15, 2020 – Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi, has surprised a man celebrating his 100th birthday with a car.

Mzee Kimisoi Kurgat Arap Ng’isirei, who was celebrating his 100th birthday on July 14, 2020, had been a great friend of Sudi for a very long time.

The MP described him as a talented soloist known for his passion in singing gospel songs in the church.

To surprise Mzee Kimisoi, Sudi upgraded the old man’s Suzuki vehicle which had broken down months ago.

“I took an initiative and towed the car to a nearby garage within Eldoret town.”

“I went ahead to repair and paint it.”

“Mzee couldn’t hide his smile when I handed him back his car this morning,” Sudi announced. 

The aged soloist led the people who had arrived in a Kalenjin hymn which they all sang along to. 

“He prayed for us as a family and we wish him well as he celebrates 100 years in this world.”

“May God protect and give him more years to live,” the MP concluded. 

Many Kenyans were impressed that the man was still active at his advanced age. 

“Good one Oscar.”

“Very encouraging to hear the mzee at 100 is still playing his solos,” praised Simon Mutunga. 

 “What a challenge! May God grant this old man more grace to continue worshipping Him?”

“To our young generation we need God the more and do not have any excuse not to serve God in our youthful stage,” opined Isiah Kibet. 


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