Tuesday July 21, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s does not feel politically threatened at all by his rivals’ aggressive forays to penetrate his historical strongholds.

This was revealed by his close confidants who hinted that Raila will only hit the ground running once the Building Bridges Initiative proposals give a clear picture of the next Government structure.

“ODM and our party leader, Raila Odinga, are not worried at all.”

“We have maintained that let us first go through the reform agenda and know the positions that will be there in 2022 before we offer ourselves,” ODM chairman, John Mbadi, said.

He noted that Deputy President William Ruto and ANC leader, Musalia Mudavadi, who have started early 2022 campaigns in earnest, will be neutralized once Raila hits the ground.

He emphasized that loyal supporters who have stood by Raila over the years will not be swayed by short-term political gimmicks.

“I don’t think ODM would be worried at all.”

“If you check why ODM has had loyal supporters for these years, it is because they believe in Raila.”

“That is what makes Raila stand out from competitors,” he said.

The DP and Mudavadi have heightened their political activities aimed at chipping away Raila’s support bases in Western and Nairobi.

Ruto has been giving youth and women groups from Nairobi equipment worth millions of shillings in a bid to take control of the capital city’s politics ahead of 2022.

Musalia has also been meeting political leaders from Mt Kenya and his Western Kenya home turf to position himself ahead of the 2022 race.

However, ODM’s national Treasurer, Timothy Bosire, said Raila knows when and how to engage the right political gear.

“Politics is not a new game to our party leader.”

“When he decides to enter the field he knows how to kick the ball, where to start, when and how to end,” Bosire said.

The ex-Kitutu Masaba MP said at the moment, Raila and ODM party’s focus is to guarantee the correct democratic environment to serve the people.

“The party leader is fully focused on the ball and it is only a matter of time before he engages the gear.”

“This game is very clear in his mind,” he said while at the same time dismissing Raila’s opponents.

“Those who are doing campaigns are free.”

“Some do not have the game in their hands and that is why they are chaotic in their engagements,” he said.


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