Tuesday, July 14, 2020 – Celebrated Kenyan rapper, Nyamari Ongegupopularly known as Nyashinski, has caused a stir on social media after he shared a video goofing around with his sexy wife, Zia Bett, on Instagram.

In the short video that has left his female admirers hurting, Nyanshinski is seen pecking his wife on the cheek as they walked.

The Malaika hit-maker, who is known to drive ladies bananas with his silky lyrics and mellow voice, caught many by surprise given that he likes to keep his love life private.

The video has elicited mixed reactions with some fans lauding him for flaunting the lady while others, especially his female fans, accused him of hurting their feelings.

Watch the video and reaction below.

nyawira_vee Ata hatujaskia vibaya😩😂

nayyy.m Waaah live live. You don’t care about my feelings ? Cool

gidysoro Social distancing muhimu😅😅😅

badwilyagain Hayawani no noma na zingineeeeeeey role model

kim__chunchu Walahi this is painful 😂. Don’t hurt us Dear Krash!

wanjohi_patrick_babu @realshinski kuna warembo wataacha kuvaa mask after kucheki hii😂😂😂

eddiejumal254 Hio munju uliharakisha sana

wilkinsfadhili Weeeh leo kutanyesha baaaaas😍👏

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