Wednesday July 22, 2020 – A section of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) lawmakers have opposed a plan by Jubilee Party to have a referendum in 2022.

Jubilee Party, which is headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, is proposing a referendum in 2022 alongside the General Elections.

The Orange party, through Chairman John Mbadi, has said the proposal is “suspicious” claiming that it echoes the voice of those opposed to the country having a plebiscite like Deputy President William Ruto.

“The CIOC Bill is speaking the language of those who have all along been opposed to a referendum.”

“It has the language of detractors and as a party, we are not comfortable with it,” Mr Mbadi said.

“I don’t know who sponsored the CIOC Bill, but it is suspect and opaque even in the manner it was brought to the House.”

Ruto and his coterie want a referendum to be held in 2022 together with the General Elections to avoid wastage of taxpayers’ money.


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