Friday July 3, 2020 – Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has revealed that Deputy President William Ruto is a man going through a lot of challenges, but he has never seen someone as strong as the DP.

Speaking when he appeared on Bonga Na Jalas, Kuria who was asked to say something to the Deputy President, said he had nothing to tell him because he had stunned MPs allied to him.

Kuria said were it any other person, they would have already given up, given the things the DP is going through.

“He’s my friend and is going through a lot but I have nothing to tell him because I have never seen someone with such a thick skin.”

“I have nothing to tell him because he has even amazed us, some of us would have maybe given up a longtime ago but he is still there doing his thing and I’m sure that there is a God in heaven,” responded Kuria.

Kuria also urged President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is tormenting Ruto, not to try too hard to make history because he already has and his name is already in history books.

He further highlighted some of President Kenyatta’s achievements, among them uniting Kenyans and making people believe in devolution.

History is made up from many things and I think the President has already made history so far because he has conquered fears.”

“You know kitambo this country hata devolution kama sisi watu wa Mt. Kenya we were fearing it but it has been proven not true.”

“President akafanya kazi na William Ruto long standing differences between my community and William Ruto’s community ended in a single day in Nakuru.”

“Akakuja akashikana na Baba political temperature ikaisha everybody started believing that we can be able to live together as a country.”

“That’s enough.”

“After BBI, his biggest legacy, whatever he can achieve fine, whatever he cannot, nimesema huwezi kuwa na A ya 90 kila wakati, hata 70 ni A. don’t try too hard Mr. President, you have already over achieved and your place in history is secure,” said Kuria.


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