Wednesday, 01 July 2020 – A popular Churchill Show comedian has disclosed what comedians go through in the hands of merciless Victor Ber, a Creative Director at Churchill show and husband to comedian Teacher Wanjiku.

The fast rising comedian, who goes by the stage name Zainabu Zeddy, narrated how the arrogant and bullish Victor Ber treats comedians like trash, forcing them to worship him like a god so that they get a chance to perform on the Churchill Show platform.

He is the one who decides which comedians will perform on the weekly comedy show that is aired on NTV and other shows linked with Churcill Show and instead of using his influential position to grow talent, he is busy frustrating comedians.

Zeddy revealed that the late comedian, Kasee, who died recently under unclear circumstances was being frustrated by Victor Ber, leading to depression.

Here’s the viral post by the popular comedian revealing the rot at Churchill Show.

Here’s a photo of evil Victor Ber, the Churchill show official who is making comedians fall into depression.


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