Friday, July 17, 2020 – The Kenyan Judiciary is on the spot once again after a petty thief who allegedly stole shoes worth Ksh500 was jailed for three years by a Kibera court.

The harsh sentence has not gone down with Kenyans who reckon that the justice system in Kenya is only meant for the poor while the rich and powerful often get away with serious crimes including murder.

For instance, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is still a free man despite shooting DJ Evolve in a club early this year.

The controversial MP even obtained orders from the court to stop the media from discussing the incident.

In June 2019, Starehe MP, Charles Njagua alias Jaguar, was charged with killing two people, a boda boda rider, Mugo Mwangi, and his passenger, Joseph Maingi.

However, despite being found guilty, the Court fined him a paltry 20,000 or in default six months imprisonment.

These are just but a few cases where powerful people get away with murder literally.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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