Thursday, July 23, 2020 – Detectives are trying to unravel a homicide puzzle after a woman was found dead in a flowerbed in Kilimani.

The deceased identified as Sheila Murage had attended a house party at Santonia Courtalongside three other people.

Her body was discovered by workers at the apartment in the flowerbed with blood oozing from her nose.

She was also holding a partially smoked stick of bhang.

Police have since arrested three individuals who were in the house on the fateful day.

They includeClaire Chepkoech Nge’no (the owner of the house) Christine Awuor Aluoch and Shem Lwanga Mang’ula.

The three are being held in custody after they reportedly gave conflicting accounts of what transpired during the party.

A post-mortem report also deepens the mystery after it emerged that the deceased may have been hit on the back of the head.

Dr. Frank Njenga, who conducted the autopsy at City Mortuary, said the injuries on the back of her head were consistent with blunt force trauma.

10 more people have also been interrogated among them tenants and guards as well as taking DNA samples and analyzing CCTV footage.

Detectives are also trying to establish who had invited the deceased to the party although tenants said she was a regular at the apartment block’s 5th floor.


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