Saturday, July 11, 2020 – Men rarely open up on their failings between the sheets because of the ego.

In fact, every man claims to be a tiger in bed and those who don’t measure up resort to using libido boosters.

However, former Tahidi High actor, Abel Mutua, is not shy to talk about his embarrassing sexual encounter.

During an interview with curvy Kiss 100 presenter, Kamene Goro, Mutua revealed that he first had sex at the age of 23 and it lasted only 36 seconds.

Mutua narrated that he was hesitant to have sex because he didn’t know how he will measure up adding that he grew up with the belief that the true mark of a man is what he does in the bedroom.

“Wewe kama hutoshi mboga pale, wewe tukikutana gathering you wash our hands tukikula nyama.”

“Usikae na sisi, kaa huko,”

“I didn’t want to choma coz kuharibu I was a celeb acting in Tahidi High then isemekane huko nje ati huyo Freddy (his stage name) hakuna kitu,” he said.

However, he started dating and six months into their relationship, his then girlfriend insisted they had to make love.

“Ilikuwa takriban sekunde thelathini na sita (it was approx. 36 seconds) and I was done.”

“I was finished, I had passed out,” he confessed.

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