Tuesday July 14, 2020 – Political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has sensationally claimed that the Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Association (GEMA) is afraid of Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022.

In a post on social media on Monday, Ngunyi, who became famous in 2013 over the tyranny of numbers hypothesis, argued that the Mt Kenya region fears Ruto’s presidency and as such, they were doing all they could to bring him down once and for all.

He argued that the so-called Mt Kenya mafia elevated the DP to his current position so that they could let him “destroy himself” once he was on top, a plot he opined was working well so far.

“Afraid of Ruto, Gema strategy was simple: “…people bring you up to tear you down” to tear Ruto down, GEMA had to bring him up. logic? “…the only time you start from the top is when you are digging a hole” if you bring Ruto up, and put him on top, he will dig his own hole,” he wrote,

Ngunyi is among political analysts who have been hired by the deep state to attack Ruto and ensure he doesn’t win the presidency in 2022.


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