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Monday, 13 July 2020 – Controversial city preacher, Victor Kanyari, has blasted his ex-wife, Betty Bayo, and told her to move on.

Kanyari reacted after Betty Bayo put up a series of posts on facebook discussing him.

Speaking in an interview, Kanyari said,

I don’t know why Betty keeps on speaking about my relationship with her, yet she had other relationship(s) before me.’

Kanyari said that he is not the type of men who fight for love and put it clear that he doesn’t intend to revive his flopped marriage with Bayo.

“She should not be worried that I may appear and fight for love.”

“I am a good man and I don’t fight for love.”

“I have never been with a person I loved that much to make me fight for her to love me.”

“When we separated, it’s a decision we made so I cannot go back to her,” Kanyari said.

Kanyari also refuted Betty Bayo’s claims that he is a wife barterer and said that for the time they were married, he never hit her even once.

“I never hit her when we were together.”

“The fact remains we separated.”

“I never touched her.”

“One day I came home angry and hit a picture on the wall but I never fought her.”

“She can even testify to that’’ he added.

Kanyari further advised those in love saying,

Ukiachwa achika.”

“Otherwise, depression is there.”

“If she was not your destiny, then let her go and stop begging for their love.”

“If she stays, it’s okay,”


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