Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – Mater Hospital in Nairobi is currently on the spot after it rejected a patient who had COVID 19 symptoms.

Robert Kariuki, who has since recovered from COVID 19, said he was turned away from Mater hospital because his temperature was 39 degrees.

Kariuki said he consulted a medic in the facility who informed him that their isolation unit was full.

“I stepped out of the car and leaned on it and begged with them to admit me, but they said their wards were full.”

“I even begged to use a toilet but they refused.”

“God, what do I do now?”

“It was clear I might have Covid-19.”

“I had heard media reports that KU (Kenyatta University Teaching, Research and Referral) Hospital was full.”

Fortunately, Kariuki was booked at Avenue Hospital in Nairobi and he tested positive for COVID 19.

“My tests came positive and I was moved to the general Covid-19 ward.”

“I stayed on oxygen for three days.”

“I was drinking a lot of fluids but eating was a struggle.”

“Sleeping was difficult because the oxygen is constantly being pumped into your nostrils, and the ventilator is noisy.” Kariuki said.

On July 8th, a much better Kariuki was discharged but had a Sh190,000 bill hanging over his head.


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