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Wednesday July 1, 2020 – Chief Justice David Maraga has called on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to investigate a woman who claims he sired a child with her.

On Tuesday, a woman, identified as Mary Kwamboka, caused a spectacle at the Milimani Law Courts shouting that Maraga had refused to pay for their six-year-old daughter’s upkeep.

But Maraga, through his lawyer Dunstan Omari, urged DCI to investigate the woman because she wants to mudsling the good name of the President of the Judiciary.

Lawyer Omari said that the woman dramatised the issue at the Milimani Law Courts while police watched without stopping her.

“The said applicant did start with a lot of drama at the protection of the State contrary to Covid-19 regulations.”

“She put up so much drama that is all over social media,” Omari added.

He confirmed that the woman filed a case before the Children’s Court and it was given case number CC 480/2020 with Maraga named as the defendant.

However, according to Omari, as of yesterday evening, she had not paid the filing fees and so there was no case in court.

“Once we saw all that in the media, we took instructions from our client David Maraga and filed a notice of appointment,” he said.

He said the whole thing was hot air to assassinate the CJ’s character.


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