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Sunday July 5, 2020 – Kipipiri MP, Amos Kimunya, had a rough time as Jubilee Majority Leader after chaos erupted during his first meeting.

According to reports, lawmakers who attended the meeting engaged in a shouting match with others labelling him a dictator.

He had convened the meeting to discuss a list apparently issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding the replacement of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies who were ousted from Parliamentary committee leadership roles.

Kimunya reportedly declined any changes that the lawmakers were making to the President’s list arguing that it was final.

The push and pull went on for a while and Munya is said to have shouted down the MPs prompting a response where one lawmaker accused him of being a dictator.

“We thought Kimunya had changed and humbled, but the meeting was an indicator that he is the very same Kimunya.”

“He declined to listen to us and adamantly insisted on pushing through the list only for him to eat the humble pie on the floor of the House,” an MP, who attended the meeting, said.

“It was expected that the meeting would be stormy.”

“But all that I can say is that the Majority Leader will have a big kibarua (duty) going forward because he must consult widely for him to come up with a list that is acceptable to all parties,” Mwea MP, Wachira Kabinga, said.

In an earlier address to the press, the Kipipiri MP had confirmed that there was tension in the meeting explaining that some of the MPs had joined the meeting with a sense of entitlement.

“There are people who came with the thought that they were coming to pick and place.”

“They came with this mentality that we are now the people to distribute the cake, but the mandate of the committee in placing membership is done in consultation with parties and the parties’ leadership.”

“When I corrected them on the mandate before us, some of them were a little uneasy, but we finally dealt with the matter amicably,” he stated.


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