Thursday July 2, 2020 – An opinion poll conducted by TIFA shows that Central Kenya residents are more worried about contracting the deadly coronavirus than any other region.

The report which was released on Thursday indicated that 72 per cent of the population in Central Kenya is extremely worried.

The region was followed by Eastern with 69 per cent, North Eastern 68 per cent, Nyanza 67, Coast 64 and Nairobi 52.

Generally, 65 per cent of the Kenyan population is worried that it will get the disease. 

The poll also showed those between the ages of 35 to 44 and who live in Nairobi and Rift Valley are more prone to having trouble sleeping due to stress brought about by the Covid19 pandemic.

The survey targeted 843 respondents (male = 411, female = 432) with field work done between June 2nd to 15th, 2020.

There was a +/- 4.1% margin of error. 


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