Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – Former NTV anchor, Ken Mijungu, is counting losses after thieves broke into his house and stole everything.

While narrating the sad story on twitter, Mijungu, who is among top journalists who were recently sacked from NTV during a ruthless lay-off exercise, said that the first time thieves broke into his house, they broke a reinforced glass window and made away with all electronics.

And in the second incident that happened just recently, the thieves came with a vehicle and emptied his house.

They didn’t spare even the curtains.

The seasoned journalist posted on twitter saying,

Lightning don’t strike twice but thieves do, so the first time they broke my reinforced glass window with a sledge hummer or equivalent, carted away all electronics, weeks later they came with a pick-up, or Canter truck and carried away everything else, even ripped curtains off!’’


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