Friday, 17 July 2020 – After getting fired from Milele FM following a massive laying-off exercise at Kenyatta family owned Media Max, Jalang’o moved on so fast and got a deal at Kiss 100 to replace Andrew Kibe.

 Mzee Jalas, as he is commonly known,  has already started creating good chemistry with his co-host, Kamene Goro, and the  male fraternity is wondering how  he is coping up with the big booty presenter, who has a big derriere that resembles a mountain peak.

Jalas posted a photo goofing around with Kamene Goro and put up a hilarious caption saying, ‘Bwana Niepushe na Majaribu.’

Jalango’s workmate at Radio Africa, Maina Kageni, who presents the breakfast show at Classic FM, mocked him saying that he was putting his hands inside the pocket for obvious reasons.

‘It’s good for a tempted man to have his hands in the pocket.’ Kageni commented leaving fans in stitches.

You can clearly see thirst written all over Jalango’s face in this photo.


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