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Sunday, 26 July 2020 – Controversial Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, who was caught on CCTV shooting a city DJ at close range in the upmarket B-Club , now claims he is a changed man.

Babu posted a video pleading with Kenyans to forgive him for his misdeeds saying that apart from being a Member of Parliament, he is a normal human being who is prone to making mistakes.

Babu started by narrating how he grew up in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu, where his mother sold changaa to educate him and his siblings.

“My mum raised me in the slums selling chang’aa; she did not do it because she loved it. She did it because she wanted us to get education; she did it because she wanted us to get food; she did it because it was the only option, the only source of living that she could get. I remember the first time I tasted chang’aa I was 8 years old, I did it because that was the norm in the slum for everybody. Since then I’ve been taking alcohol, and I’ve had my challenges and ups and downs. I’ve reached a turning point and I’ve decided to make a change; a change that I am proud of; a change that my family is proud of’’. he said.

The youthful MP added that it has been six months and 9 days since he touched alcohol and disclosed that he has turned to God for help, as he faces serious criminal charges for shooting Dj Evolve.

It has been six months, 6 days sinceI last touched alcohol. I regularly pray, I fellowship with my wife who has a fellowship group and I’m looking inwards to become a better person.” He added.

Babu promised Kenyans that he is striving to become a better person and a servant leader, who will change the lives of people.

“I want to tell the Kenyan people that even now I am not perfect, and I will work continually on some of the weaknesses that I have in life and strive to be a better person; strive to be a servant leader who will change the lives of my people.’’ He said.

Here’s the video that Babu Owino posted on his social platforms claiming that he is a changed man and pleading with Kenyans to forgive him.

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