Thursday July 23, 2020 – Former TNA Party Communications Manager, Pauline Njoroge, has accused Deputy President William Ruto of radicalising the Kikuyu community and causing division in Mt Kenya region.

In a post on Thursday, Pauline said Ruto has been radicalising the Kikuyus by inviting them to his Karen residence and attending church harambees where he donates millions of shillings for spreading the gospel of Christ.

Njoroge, who is said to have multiple love affairs with several politicians, admitted that “The Hustler” has won Kikuyus’ hearts by dishing money to them and that is why many are following him like fools.

Here is Pauline Njoroge‘s poison-laced post towards Dr. William Ruto

The Deputy President has for the last two years been crisscrossing Mt. Kenya, and any observer out there can clearly tell that part of the objective has been to radicalize the youth and the community against the President, as well as cause divisions among the people. He has used all forms of tactics from church harambees to hosting delegations in his house, dishing out money etc.

He has also dragged a few elected Mt. Kenya leaders into his activities and recruited small sets who are on retainer to radicalize the Mt. Kenya youth through social media and other platforms.

During the Covid-19 period, he has made it a trend to host Mt. Kenya youth groups, religious leaders, women groups etc, and giving them handouts and all manner of promises. A move I find suspicious as he rarely does this with any other community, including his. By any standards, Mt. Kenya region has better and bigger churches which the people have build through their own efforts over the years.

This then begs the question, why does he find it important to support building of churches in the region and not other areas that would be more in need of this kind of help? Areas even within the Rift Valley which in terms of Human Development Index rank way lower than Mt. Kenya.

Most importantly, why does the DP do all these things publicly, yet privately he is engaging in contradictory activities within parliament and the senate? Why is he for example opposed to the revenue sharing formula currently before the senate, which is expected to give more resources to Mt. Kenya?

Why is he using his representatives to oppose it, if he loves and values the people of Mt. Kenya as he would like us to believe? Why does he find it appropriate giving people handouts, but on the other hand fighting a formula that would give the community its rightful share of resources?

His bloggers are whining over claims that people they refer to as “Harambee House Prefects” are engaging Kikuyu Council of Elders to organize the community. Did they by any chance think he had the monopoly of mobilizing the Kikuyu, and no one else has a right to do it including our own elders?

The Rent A Kikuyu Project season is coming to a close. The tenancy agreement has expired and its time to discuss serious issues like revenue allocation and representation; one man, one vote, one shilling. Anyone claiming to be in support or in love with the GEMA community should not be using his resources to fight this, unless he had an ulterior motive all along”


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