Friday July 17, 2020 – Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) are currently investigating top Kenya Medical Supply Authority (Kemsa) officials over exaggerating prices of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

According to EACC documents, the agency procured the N95 (1860) masks at an outrageous price of Sh1,300 per piece against the Sh700 market price.

The agency also bought KN95 masks at Sh700 a piece which in the market go for Sh450 on the higher side.

Kemsa ordered 1,836,400 masks.

Kemsa procured disposable surgical masks at Sh90 per piece against the market price of Sh50.

When Kemsa CEO, Jonnah Manjari Mwangi, was being grilled by the National Health Committee, the members requested to know why he was procuring the Personal Protective Equipment at Sh9,000 yet they go for Sh4,500 in the market.

Dr Mwangi indicated that they were buying quality items unlike those sold in the market where one is not sure of their quality and who supplied the items.

Healthcare workers have, however, accused the Ministry of Health of supplying them with substandard personal protective equipment, exposing them and the public to the deadly virus.


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