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Thursday, July 30, 2020 – Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Kamau Macharia, has said that he tested positive for the coronavirus last week but accused the Government of not doing contact tracing to stop the spread of the disease.

Sharing his frustrations via a WhatsApp group of senior Government officials on Wednesday, Ambassador Kamau said after he tested positive, he quickly informed his contacts about his condition, but to his surprise, none of them have been contacted by the Government.

“I have done my own contact tracing and I have informed all the people who came in contact with me in the 10 days prior to my test and since.”

“They keep asking me where to go for the test and I don’t know what to tell them,” Macharia said.

“But shockingly, no one has been in touch with me about contact tracing except an NMS nurse who called on Friday out of the blue.”

“She said she would call back and never called back again.”

“She basically wanted to confirm that I was Macharia Kamau,” Macharia added.

Macharia said he has had malaria-like symptoms – hot and cold flushes and intense dizziness as well as disorientation, although he is yet to go to hospital.

“It’s very distressing when it’s actually happening and makes for great anxiety and worry,” he said.

He has not had any breathing problems or acute depletion of oxygen in his blood.


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