Monday, 20 July 2020 – Blogger Dennis Itumbi claims that President Uhuru has offered him a job but he has turned down the lucrative offer.

Itumbi said in a Twitter post that State House has made two job offers to him which he has turned down.

Itumbi claims that he had to reveal this on social media so that the President’s office can understand clearly that he is not interested in the job.

According to Itumbi, who previously held a senior position at the house on the hill, said that the work he is being offered should be done by President Uhuru’s loyalists, whom he referred as, ‘Harambee House Prefects’.

Itumbi further mocked the Head of State by dedicating him a song dubbed, ‘For King and Country No Turning Back.’

Itumbi is currently working at Deputy President William Ruto’s office as a propagandist.

This is what he tweeted, revealing that State House offered him a job but he is not interested.


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