Tuesday, 07 July 2020 – Faded comedian Nathan Kimani, who is popularly known as JB Masanduku, claims that he cannot mention his ex-wife’s name, Tina Kaggia, in public or discuss her.

While speaking on Chat Spot show on Switch TV, Masanduku said that he has been advised by his lawyer not to mention his ex-wife’s name in public and if he does so, he might lose the rights to see his kids.

“We are happily divorced, simtaji.”

“I was advised to keep her name of my mouth kama sitaki kesi.”

“Si kuna watoto Na unataka kuwaona, usimtaje and usiseme kitu mbaya about her,” He said.

Masanduku also revealed that he quit comedy because of his troubled married.

“I was married to somebody halafu kesi ilikuwa mingi sana.”

“I was now in a place that was pretty difficult for me to create jokes and so, I left the industry for an entire year,” he added.

Kaggia accused JB Masunduku of being an alcoholic and absconding parental duties, leading to their messy divorce.


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