Thursday July 2, 2020 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, has promised to return to politics as soon as possible.

Speaking yesterday after he was discharged from a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, Raila said he felt “very strong and rejuvenated”.

And in what could suggest the former Prime Minister was preparing to embark on the rigorous politics of the country, Mr Odinga said, “I feel really great to be out of hospital and I’ll be doing my usual jigs very soon.”

Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta are set to receive the final report of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and embark on the process for its implementation.

The ODM leader had promised Kenyans to brace for a referendum as a way to ensure the full implementation of the report’s recommendations.

He thanked Kenyans for their messages of goodwill.

“I want to thank all my friends, my supporters and all our youths who have sent me so many messages of goodwill.”

“It has just been amazing and so wonderful and makes me recover so fast, that’s why I am up and about right now,” he said in a video clip posted by his daughter, Winnie Odinga.

As an indication that Mr. Odinga was ready for his political assignments, his daughter Winnie said he is “back and ready for the game.”


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