Wednesday July 22, 2020 – Health experts have advised President Uhuru Kenyatta not to lockdown Nairobi County again over surging cases of coronavirus.

Nairobi has been the epicentre of coronavirus recording over 8,000 cases out 14,657 registered cases nationally.

Governors across the country have been advising the President to lock down Nairobi to avert a surge in coronavirus cases in other Counties near the busy metropolis.

But according to health experts, the option of declaring another lockdown in Nairobi is a waste of time.

Experts argue that locking down the country will not yield much because the virus is in the community transmission phase.

They said Uhuru should instead urge Governors to put isolation beds and prepare themselves for a surge in coronavirus cases between the month of August and September which, according to experts, will be the peak season of coronavirus in Kenya.


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