Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – Actor Ken Gichoya popularly known as Njoro from his character in Citizen TV show, Papa Shirandula, has paid glowing tribute to his late side-kick, Charles Bukeko, who succumbed to COVID-19

The celebrated and award winning actor was buried on Monday at his home in Funyula, Busia County barely two days after he passed away while awaiting to be admitted for treatment at Karen Hospital.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o, Njoro stated that the late Papa Shirandula, was more of a brother to him.

He revealed that besides being his co-actor, they were so close in real life and even invested together in a number of projects.

He also revealed that he would always seek the late actor’s counsel whenever he had issues with his wife and would help solve them.

“Papa was not a friend to me he was a brother to me wakati nilikuwa na mashida nyumbani nilikuwa nikipigia Papa akuje aongee na bibi yangu mambo inakamilika.

“Papa alikuwa anasolve shida zangu za nyumbani,” said Njoro.

He added:  

“Second in terms of investments tulikuwa tunainvest na Papa tunaulizana sasa wife nikimuongezea hii project atakuwaje,”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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