Monday, 27 July 2020 – Former gospel singer, Willy Paul, has been exposed by an Instagram slay queen and upcoming socialite called Shakilla, after he lured her to his house and solicited for sex from her.

Shakilla claims that Willpozze slid into her DM and after talking for two days, she honoured his invitation.

They first went to his Saldido Studio and then proceeded to his house in Syokimau, where he solicited for sex from her.

Shakilla alleges that when she turned down Willy Paul’s sex advances, he drove her home and called her immature.

When Pozze was asked about Shakilla during a live interview with Xtian Dela, he denied ever meeting her and even said that he doesn’t know who she is.

This is what the Instagram slay queen posted to expose the sex starved singer.

Here’s a video of Pozze denying knowing a lady called Shakilla during a live interview with Dela on Friday.

Here are photos of Shakilla.


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  1. Kwani mtu akinyimwa sio vibaya some times it’s good because kuma zingine zilirogwa niza visirani so hapo sioni kama kuna ubaya ni ukumbafu tu!

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