Wednesday, 08 July 2020 – Controversial social media celebrity ‘pastor’, Robert Burale, has been exposed as a serial liar and conman.

Kenyans have started doubting whether Burale is sick after he posted a series of videos slaying in the ICU with a cap and t-shirt at Nairobi Hospital, claiming that he was diagnosed with the deadly Covid19.

Kenyans wondered whether a Covid19 patient with serious breathing problems can have time to go live on Instagram and record himself.

As Kenyans continue debating whether Burale is sick or he is just chasing clout, his evil deeds were exposed on twitter after several Kenyans revealed how he is a notorious conman.

A lady revealed how he faked a disease and extorted his ex-girlfriend who was living in London.

Another man revealed how Burale conned him during a business deal while another lady exposed how he conned a woman Ksh 2 million in the name of marriage.

Burale mostly targets naïve women who think he is a real pastor but he is just a notorious conman who masquerades as a pastor and motivational speaker.

Here is a series of tweets exposing Burale’s evil deeds.

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