Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – Former Taita Taveta Women Representative, Joyce Lay, has ditched politics for music.

Joyce, who also vied for the Taita Taveta County Senate seat in the last General Elections but lost to Jones Mwarumbe, has released her first song dubbed Najua,

Taking to her social media pages, the 47-year old revealed that she has finally found her true calling in music.

She wrote:

“It took 47 years to know what God Has assigned me to do.”

“This is because I wasn’t keen to allow Him to guide me,”

 “In 2018, I started on a deep spiritual journey.

“To know God more than what a preacher said.”

“I wanted to have a deeper relationship and a wider understanding of who God is and why He created me.”

“I started reading His word more and spending time in prayer.

“God is faithful,”

She also revealed that she relocated to the United States after losing a bid for the senatorial seat in 2017 and it is there that she got the song’s idea.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night with a new song and just start singing. At some point I couldn’t get much sleep because of the fire burning inside my belly,” she recounted.

However, she took the decision to record music in April this year and she says she now has many other songs.

“It’s amazing because it wasn’t only one song but a second song and a third, fourth, fifth upto 32 songs were dropped into my heart through the Spirit of God,” she said.

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