Thursday July 30, 2020 – Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Kamau Macharia, has questioned the country’s management of the coronavirus pandemic and wondered what the Ministry of Health did with the billions they received from the Government and donors since March 2020.

Kamau, who tested positive for the deadly disease, regretted that the Government’s contact tracing has collapsed despite the billions allocated to the Ministry of Health for contact tracing.

Kamau, who was once Kenya’s Ambassador to the United Nations, also said there is no access to proper care and even more tragic is that there is no medical insurance cover for the virus.

“For all the billions that have been spent on this campaign, it’s hard to imagine that at the point of contact where the disease actually happens, there is no system to make sure that we have access to proper care and the proper contact tracing is actually done to keep track of those who are not well or maybe infecting others,” Kamau told a WhatsApp group of senior Government officials.

Kamau’s sentiments come as many Kenyans are sent away from hospitals as the disease continues to overrun poorly run health care in the country.


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