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Tuesday July 7, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga now doubts whether President Uhuru Kenyatta is indeed serious with the Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking yesterday, Raila, through ODM Chairman John Mbadi, claimed that Jubilee’s composition of two key House committees signals lack of interest in the Building Bridges Initiative.

In what is growing into a full blown fallout between the two “cooperating” sides in Parliament, the Minority side says it is not comfortable with the members being fronted by the Majority side to the two committees, which are key in the passage of the BBI report.

The BBI task force announced last Tuesday that it had completed writing the final report and was awaiting the availability of President Uhuru Kenyatta to present it.

According to Mbadi, the BBI report will be frustrated with the proposed composition of the committees.

These are the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and that of Delegated Legislation.

“The two committees are very crucial for BBI process and partly that is why the changes were being made in the leadership, especially from Jubilee side.”

“So we expect members who are going to sit in JLAC and Delegated Legislation to be people who are supporting BBI and the reform agenda,” Mbadi said on the phone.

He noted that out of JLAC’s 19 members, only three out of Jubilee’s 12 members are supportive of the BBI and the handshake, expressing fear that they may use their numbers to gang up against the proposed BBI reforms at the committee level.

“On Jubilee side, out of 12, nine are Tanga Tanga.”

“So you have only three who you can rely on.”

“We cannot make such a mistake, unless we have left the BBI agenda,” he said.

 “Delegated Legislation is almost the same name.”

“We must align the two committees to our agenda,” Mbadi said.

But Uhuru, through Majority Leader Amos Kimunya, dismissed the ODM argument, saying the committees are not being reconstituted to pass the BBI report.

Kimunya was forced to withdraw the committee list last week after the Minority side raised concerns with the Jubilee membership.

“They said they wanted to consult further and they cannot consult on our members,” Kimunya said on the phone.

“There was confusion in terms of people thinking that the whole of this exercise was to kick out those branded Tangatanga.”

“It was not to kick out some people like others thought.”

“I cannot throw people out because others want them out,” he said.

The Kipipiri MP urged the Minority side to consider bringing the House together as President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to unite the country.


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