Thursday, 30 July 2020 – Blogger Edgar Obare has been arrested by DCI detectives after exposing Governor Hasssan Joho’s affair with Instagram celebrity model, Natalie Tewa.

Obare disclosed that Natalie Tewa accompanied Joho to Dubai in the famous lavish private jet and confirmed that he has even gifted her an Audi.

According to Obare, DCI officers stormed his home in Kisumu on Thursday morning and arrested him.

He was then ferried to Nairobi.

The controversial blogger posted a message on his social platform and confirmed that he was under arrest.

“As I said earlier I was summoned by the DCI. Today morning I was arrested by very many officers at my home. Thank you for your undying support,” he wrote.

Obare had earlier revealed that he had been summoned by DCI over posts that he put up linking Governor Joho with slay queen Natalie Tewa.


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