Sunday, 05 July 2020 – There was drama after a cheating woman was busted by her husband having sex with another man said to be her mpango wa kando.

The aggrieved husband set a trap for his cheating wife after finding out that she was secretly dishing out the forbidden fruit.

After tracking his wife without her knowledge, he busted her having sex with her mpango wa kando, leading to a dramatic scene that looks like a scene from a soap opera.

Immediately the randy woman was busted dishing out her goodies, she ran for her dear life while stark naked but her husband chased her like a rat and when he cornered her, he dragged her to the floor and gave her a beating.

The woman’s mpango wa kando was left in a state of confusion while watching from a distance naked after they were caught red handed exchanging fluids.

Watch the video.


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