Monday, July 13, 2020 – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has once again issued a rallying call to Kenyans who have thrown caution to the wind and have now harbored a false believe that Coronavirus isn’t real.

Despite the fact that positive cases have been rising by the day, a section of Kenyans are behaving like it is business as usual.

Speaking on Monday, Kagwethat the Government cannot imprison people who are in denial over the reality of Covid19.

“You cannot whip people or put them in prison to make them understand there is a disease.”

“There is Covid-19, even little children are singing so they can get it,” he said.

The CS reiterated that all Kenyans have a responsibility in the fight against the pandemic.

“There is coronavirus.”

“Who are those other people who say they do not know about it?”

“And how long will it take for them to know that the disease exists?”

“If somebody is in denial, there is nothing much you can do,” he asserted.

So far, Kenya has recorded 10,294 positive cases, 2,946 recoveries and 197 deaths.


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