Thursday July 23, 2020 – Former Naivasha MP, John Mututho, has warned that the move by several counties to close wines and spirits shops, coupled with the Health Ministry’s directive to limit alcoholic drinks to homes may lead to the death of addicts. 

Addressing the media yesterday, the former chairman of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) argued that thousands of addicts may die, with the number of fatalities recorded soaring higher than the deaths associated with Coronavirus (Covid-19).

“It is a fact that liquor has killed many and destroyed families, but the current proposal to ban its sale will lead to high mortality among the addicts,” Mututho warned.

He noted that the proposal by Kagwe to ban the consumption of alcohol in bars and entertainment zones will dent NACADA’s effort to fight consumption of illicit brews. 

Mututho wondered what measures CS Kagwe will stipulate to control over 8 million alcohol addicts in Kenya who may turn to illicit brews after bars and wines and spirits are shut down. 

He argued that Kagwe made an untimely directive and should have consulted NACADA before issuing the notice. 

This comes as bar owners are up in arms, warning that the country may lose up to Ksh50 billion with over 500,000 losing their jobs following the order made by Kagwe.

Kagwe stipulated a Ksh 20,000 fine or six-month imprisonment for any individual who will be found selling or drinking alcohol in bars and restaurants upon adoption of the proposal. 


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