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Full-time jobs are losing their appeal. Increasing numbers of people in South Africa are switching to remote schemes of earning. Here are the opportunities.

Easy Start of Work From Home In South Africa

Telework is becoming increasingly widespread in South Africa. Full-time office employment is not the only way to earn a living. Modern opportunities allow you to work flexibly from any location. Switching from the conventional to the remote may take time, but the benefits are clear. According to recent stats, an overwhelming majority of locals who work from home report feeling more productive than in the office. With a few smart strategies, you can adapt to the new routine quite quickly.

Economic Downturn

2020 has been a challenging year for all world economies. The lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have effectively shut down most national systems. From New York to Tokyo, people spend months at home, and foreign travel has ceased altogether. Previously, African economies were already struggling to recover.

Now, the prospects look especially bleak for such oil-dependent states as Nigeria. Conventional schemes of employment have started shrinking, as companies are incurring substantial losses. More and more people are discovering the appeal of telework.

Present Opportunities

There are two distinct directions: remote employment or freelance work. In the first scenario, you get benefits from an office job without visiting the office. These positions offer flexible schedules, but you are still a fixed member of the team.

Freelancers, on the other hand, search for clients and negotiate working conditions. This gives freedom to define one’s own routine, income, and workload. The drawback is the lack of job security.

Finally, you may set up your own business and work as much as you like. Startups require initial capital and a solid business plan. You may come up with a novel concept, join an affiliate marketing scheme, or try dropshipping. This is a retail model where you do not have to store the products you sell – they go from the supplier to your customer directly.

Investment Opportunities

If you are into finance, online trading may become your full-time occupation. Today, residents of South Africa may connect to the global financial markets through international brokers, such as  FXTM. All you need is the right software (provided free of charge) and a registered account. Here is an overview of the opportunities offered:

1.   Currency Trading

Exchange rates are always changing, which means well-timed operations bring profit.  Basically, you can buy low and sell high – like on the stock market. However, as everything is done through the Internet, trading is much more accessible. Many online traders begin their journey with Forex. There is a wide range of combinations: major, minor, and exotic pairs. The latter includes the South African rand.

2.   Derivatives

Digital platforms allow users to add various instruments to their portfolios. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are entirely virtual tools linked to real assets – for instance, stocks, precious metals, crude oil, etc. The holder speculates on price dynamics but does not own the respective asset. This offers a simple way to monetize your knowledge of the markets.

3.   Copy Trading

Trading decisions may be delegated to an expert. As part of copy trading arrangements, they are trusted with investing a portion of your funds. All their actions are replicated in your account – as if you were pursuing identical strategies. Successful decisions bring profit to clients and rewards to their strategy managers.

Tips for Working from Home

Aside from technical tools, you need a special mindset to succeed. Our homes may be the source of many distractions. To manage time well, follow these simple recommendations:

1.   Organize Space

Working from the kitchen is a bad idea. As your family distracts you (especially if you have kids), it is generally challenging to focus. Think of a place where you can be isolated. Aside from the laptop, you need to ensure:

  • uninterrupted Internet connection;
  • secure access to the intranet and corporate storages is necessary;
  • a mobile phone and a headset for VoIP calls;
  • a comfortable desk and chair.

2.   Organize Your Day

You will need to prioritize tasks and structure your workday to meet the deadlines. It is easier to get distracted when there is no system. Hence, schedule your breaks as well. Tasks may also be batched, so you will get the most out of your productive hours.

3.   Explain It to Your Kids

For working parents, this may be the most challenging task of all. However, even small kids must understand that you are busy and distraction creates problems. Explain your schedule, and tell them you have to earn money to take care of the family. Set limitations – this will save you a lot of time.

The Bottom Line

Today, opportunities for remote work are abundant. From freelance design to copy trading, residents of South Africa can make a tidy profit without sitting in a stuffy office. Today, when the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on conventional employers, telework makes more sense than ever before.

Looking for a job? Download the Kenyan Jobs app from Google Playstore and get the latest jobs and vacancies available in Kenya, go HERE>>>

Download our blog’s APP from Google Playstore using the link here>>>

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