Friday July 17, 2020 – The Government of Cuba has dispatched a team of 20 specialist doctors to Kenya to deal with coronavirus.

Kenya, which is a middle income economy, is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases and its weak health system will not handle a coronavirus storm in the coming months.

Addressing a Press Conference on Friday, Kenya’s Ambassador to Cuba, Anthony Muchiri, said the Cuban doctors are expected to arrive in the country today afternoon.

Ambassador Muchiri said the 20 doctors are from the prestigious Henry Reeve Medical Brigade constituted by Fidel Castro in 2005 to deal with emergencies and serious epidemics.

“The team is on its way to Kenya,” Muchiri said.

“This humanitarian mission which, save for the transport and accommodation costs, is normally at no-cost to the recipient country, is in the spirit of the existing strong bilateral relations between the two countries,” Muchiri added.


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