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Friday July 17, 2020 – Sports CS Amina Mohamed has outlined her vision if selected to be the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Speaking to the press at WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, yesterday, CS Amina tackled a number of global issues including the trade tensions between US and China.

“If I get selected as the Director-General, when it comes to settling the feud, like with other member countries, I will encourage the use of the WTO rules.”

“There are guidelines set in resolving issues and tensions.”

“There are interministerial rules and conflict resolution strategies recommended in the rules to resolve tensions and feuds that pertain to trade.”

“That’s what I would do,” the former WTO General Council chair stated.

Her response was viewed to be on the safe side considering that Kenya has deep ties with both countries.

According to reports, China is rooting for Amina Mohammed from Kenya as the US backs her opponent, Tim Groser, a former New Zealand Trade Minister, for the post.

Groser is likely to push trade body reforms that Washington advocates for. 

At the same time, Kenya is in the process of signing a Free Trade Area agreement with the US which CS Amina noted was an important step in promoting global trade.

“The agreement will not interfere with the current agreements Kenya has with other partners, as a matter of fact it will provide a blueprint for other African countries to make deals with the US,” she assured.

There are three African candidates, two from Asia, two from Europe and one from the Americas.

Africa’s trio are former Nigerian Foreign and Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; ex-Egyptian diplomat, Hamid Mamdouh, and Kenya’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, Amina Mohamed.

CS Amina expressed that Africa presenting three candidates rather than one was a show of how vested the continent was at acquiring leadership positions in global bodies.

“Having many candidates should not be taken as weakness rather a show of strength and how serious we are to take WTO.”

“We are all accomplished in our own rights,” she added.


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