Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – Treasury has become the latest State department to be affected by coronavirus after ten staff members tested positive for the problematic bug.

In a memo issued by the Treasury on Wednesday, all staff members were notified that they will be tested on Wednesday and Thursday to ensure Treasury is COVID -19 free.

This is after 10 of them tested positive.

“The Ministry of Health will be conducting testing of all staff of the National Treasury,” the memo reads.

Meanwhile, all operations and services at the head office of the Ministry of ICT were scaled down following the death of an employee.

Several workers at the Ministry were also confirmed to be infected with the virus.

These notices come just two days after the Public Service Commission (PSC) announced scaling down operations to minimise the spread of coronavirus after 10 employees tested positive.

PSC Chief Executive Simon Rotich said targeted testing showed that 10 workers had the virus.


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