Wednesday, 29 July 2020 – Controversial city preacher, Bishop Thomas Wahome, the Founder of Helicopter of Christ Ministries, has been entangled in endless scandals that range from stage managing miracles, land grabbing to extorting his brainwashed followers.

Wahome left Kenyans in shock sometime back after he alleged that he is in a position to tell whether someone will go to heaven or hell.

The rogue pastor alleged that God had given him a special register that contained people who will go to heaven  and those who will burn in hell.

He used to charge Ksh 1,000 to anyone who wanted to know his or her destiny and foolish faithfuls flocked to his church, wanting to know whether their names are in the book of life.

Wahome made a killing lying to brainwashed congregants and that’s why he can afford to drive a Mercedes G-Wagon, the same car that President Uhuru Kenyatta drives when running his private errands.

It’s one of the safest cars in the world and that’s why it costs and an arm and a leg.

Prominent journalist Jeff Koinange and lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi, are among the few Kenyans who own this machine.

Here are photos of the rogue preacher flaunting his guzzler.


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