Friday, July 17, 2020 – Citizen TV journalist, Stephen Letoo, has confirmed that he has contracted coronavirus.

In an interview with a local daily on Friday, Letoo said it is devastating because he did not have any symptoms when he decided to go to hospital and get the test.

“I did not have any symptoms and even now I don’t have symptoms.”

“I am fine and I have my appetite like before.”

“You might even think that I am pretending,” Letoo said.

“I can’t trace and explain how I got it but upon doing the tests at Nairobi Hospital, it turned out that I had contracted the virus,” Letoo added.

He says the feeling of being isolated and even having the tests done, is something he would not wish anybody to go through.

The journalist says his wife is also in the process of doing the tests.

Letoo’s message to other journalists is to be more careful because the virus is spreading very quickly.


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