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Tuesday, July 20, 2020 – Former Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko, has stirred a storm on social media after stating that more Kenyan men are contracting and succumbing to coronavirus due to ‘poor hygiene and recklessness’

In the video she posted on social media, the outspoken media personality also blasted men for throwing caution to the wind while hustling for a living.

She said:  

“Gentlemen can we speak candidly, corona is hospitalizing more men than women and I can only speak for my country. Covid-19 is taking our men, not just because Covid-19 is predisposed to a chromosome, this is not an X, Y issue,”

“Let me start with the obvious’. We all know wanaume hamuwezi ambiwa. Number two you hate water. Someone has to tell you to wash your hands. The very idea that lazima uoge kwanza sasa kuna baridi,” she added.

“Don’t give me the story about fending for families – there’s no ‘fending’ at 1am in a bar. Gentlemen – get serious. COVID-19 kills.

“For heaven’s sake even if you don’t care for a small virus, care about the lives that depend on you. If you are a father you do not belong to yourself, you belong to your children. So if you choose not to wash your hands and sanitise.

“If you choose not to wear your mask properly not as a chin guard you put all your lives at risk not just yours but that of your family. My fellow countrymen take this disease seriously. Covid-19 is not predisposed to attack men,”

This comes after the widow of legendary actor, Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula, stated that her husband had been working late into the night for the last three weeks before he contracted Covid-19 and passed on.

However, Mutoko’s sentiments have rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way and we have sampled a few below.

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