Wednesday, 22 July 2020 – Former Kiss 100 presenter and late Mutula Kilonzo’s sidechick, Caroline Mutoko, stirred a huge debate after she claimed that the reason coronavirus is mostly affecting men is because men are unhygienic.

The loud mouthed Mutoko said that most men don’t like taking a shower and observe personal hygiene and that’s why the highest number of positive cases are men.

The former radio presenter, who is yet to find a husband despite clocking mid 40s, has been massacred by popular social media commentator and boychild spokeswoman, Aoko Otieno.

Aoko says that Mutoko hates men because no sane man can plant a seed in a toxic feminist like her.

She further called Caroline a frustrated and sex starved MILF dealing with post wall struggles.

Here are a series of tweets that Aoko posted putting Mutoko in her place.


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