Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – As scientists work around the clock to find a possible cure or vaccine for the novel Coronavirus, a new study has shown that Covid-19 mortality rates may be lower in countries where people consume high amounts of cabbage.

According to a research done by scientists in France, increasing the average consumption of cabbage or cucumber by 1 gram a day could reduce a country’s mortality rate by 13.6 per cent or 15.7 per cent, respectively.

So how does this much maligned food help to combat Covid-19?

Cabbage, it turns out, reduces the levels of a compound that helps the virus infect the body.

Thus, consuming cabbage could help people build up resistance to the virus, which has so far claimed over 600,000 lives worldwide.

“Nutrition should not be overlooked as a factor behind Covid-19 deaths,” said Dr Jean Bousquet, former chairman of the WHO Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases, and colleagues in the paper posted on pre-print server on Saturday.

“Little attention has been given to the spread and severity of the virus, and regional differences in diet, but diet changes may be of great benefit.”

“Nutrition may play a role in the immune defense against Covid-19 and may explain some of the differences seen in Covid-19 across Europe.”

“I have now changed my diet, and it includes raw cabbage three times a week, sauerkraut once a week, and pickled vegetables,” he said.

However, the researchers cautioned that the results could have been affected by uncertainties such as deaths being counted differently in some countries.

Meanwhile, scientists at Oxford University in the United Kingdom have said a million doses of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine could be produced by September and it will be administered to health workers and the aged population.

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine produced a “dual immune response” in people between the ages of 18 and 55 that lasted at least two months after they were immunized.


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