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Wednesday July 15, 2020 – Embattled Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has demanded her impeachment to go on after it collapsed following the mover of the motion’s decision to withdraw.

According to reports, Kitui County Assembly Speaker, George Ndoto, said that the mover of the motion, Majority Leader Peter Mwikya Kilonzo, cited unavoidable circumstances as his reason for withdrawing the motion. 

However, Ngilu criticised the Speaker, accusing him of contravening the law by interrupting the process. 

Through her lawyers, the County boss stated that according to Standing Orders, the process of removing a Governor was bound by timelines which Speaker Ndoto was violating by pushing the motion to a later day. 

Further, Ngilu’s lawyers claimed that they were convinced that the Speaker was behind the plot to oust the Governor and not the Majority Leader. 

“All indications from your actions so far point to the fact that as the Speaker of the County Assembly you are not only partisan but also biased in the performance of your duties,” the lawyers accused him in a letter. 

According to her lawyers, neither the Majority Leader nor the Speaker had powers to manipulate the process of removal once it kicked off.

“Nothing could better demonstrate your inability to appreciate the letter and spirit of the County Assembly standing orders than your mistaken belief that this is a process that is within the hands of the mover of the motion or yourself,” Ngilu challenged. 

Ngilu concluded that she had already prepared her response and remains available to appear before the County Assembly between July 15th and July 17th


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