Wednesday July 8, 2020 – ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, has vowed to expel Embakasi MP, Babu Owino, from ODM for shooting DJ Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve.

Sifuna took a firm stand according to the laws of the party, noting that if the Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, is found guilty of shooting DJ Evolve, they will kick him out of the party.

“Our code of conduct is very clear.”

“Once you are found guilty of a crime, we will expel you from the Party,” said Mr. Sifuna while speaking on Spice FM today.

Sifuna also defended the Raila Odinga-led  party which has for months received backlash from critics over Babu’s actions saying that the Legislator is a member of ODM “in exercise of his right of association.” 

“People look at his political party as if his politics is what informed his action,” clarified the ODM SG.

In what was seen as an endless attempt to clear a foggy windshield, Mr. Sifuna demystified claims made on social media platforms that the Embakasi East MP is ‘walking free’.

“He is not walking free.”

“He has been charged and is out on bail,” said Sifuna. 

The ODM SG also expressed his disappointment on how Kenyans are to blame for defiling Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution that talks about leadership and integrity.

It is this failure on the part of Kenyans first that Sifuna claims has led to leaders not being able to feel ashamed and step down from public office.

“We are the same people that defiled that and made sure it doesn’t matter what somebody is accused of.”

“Your current President and Deputy, when they were elected, what were they facing?” asked Mr. Sifuna.

“We need as a country; this is the broader conversation of BBI.”

“What is out national ethos?”

“How is it that if someone misconducts themselves in their private lives, they feel the shame that they cannot hold public office and resign?”

“We need to get there as a country,” said Sifuna.


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