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Monday July 27, 2020 – Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, has reported a real life change as he marked six months since he stopped drinking alcohol.

Speaking yesterday, Babu Owino stated that he has never touched the bottle during the period and promised to maintain this into the future.

He also explained that he was fully dedicating his life to serving his people as well as spending more time with his wife and children.

“I just want to serve the people and that I will not drink alcohol again.”

“Although, I don’t mind those who are drinking,” he stated.

In a five-minute clip video clip, the MP briefly narrated the circumstances that led him to the bottle having lived in the slum in Kisumu in a house where his mother brew Chang’aa to provide food and education for him.

He also noted that after a deep introspection, he made a decision to walk away from the bottle to be a better person for himself, his family and constituents.

“I have had my past, some which is dirty.”

“I have reached a turning point and I have decided to make a change that I am proud of.”

“It has been six months, nine days since I last touched alcohol.”

“I pray regularly.”

“I fellowship with my wife who has a fellowship group and I am looking inwards to become a better person,” he explained.

According to Babu, he first took chang’aa at the age of eight while living with his mother arguing that the circumstances at the time only forced them to turn to the bottle.

He further explained that he embarked on a reform mission after he sensed anger emanating from Kenyans online.

“I sense your anger. I sense that some of you are so hurt and disappointed with me. I am a human being and not perfect.

“In the course of me selling Chang’aa I remember police coming to our house and I could see my mum being whipped and screaming.”

“It was a painful experience. I remember the first time I tasted chang’aa, I was eight years old,” he narrated.

In previous interviews, Babu noted that he had been forced to sell the illicit brew during his school-going years after his father passed away.

“It was a situation whereby, if you leave the house in the morning, mum will not mind where you are going and what time you are coming back.”

“No matter what time you returned, there was no food,” he recounted the hardship.

Babu is a husband to Fridah Muthoni and together they are blessed with three children.


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