Friday, July 10, 2020 – Award-winning Kenyan actress, Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress has opened up on becoming a mother at a young age to address the stigma single mothers face.

According to the former ‘Mother-in-Law’ actress, who got her son while in college, acceptance is the first step towards healing.

“Whether you made the wrong decision or not, the baby is here.”

“People tend to think one is a prostitute by giving birth at a young age,” she said.

Her friend and actress Faith Nyagah said:

“To this date, there are still women who keep their children a secret because they have not accepted the situation,”

Before she got married, Kate says that she used to introduce herself as a mother much to the surprise of her peers.

“Sometimes, you meet a nice person.”

“There is this time I got a job and it had bourgeois guys.”

“I told them my name and that I am a mum and they were shocked.”

“The girls we were with could not understand why I introduced myself like that but that was part of my identity.”

“Sasa nitawaficha mpaka lini?” posed Kate.

Kate tied the knot with Phil Karanja in 2017, in a lavish wedding ceremony that was attended by close friends and family members at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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